Third issue of the News Bulletin on PirosLife Project

2018-04-18T18:00:45+02:0018 April 2018|

The LIFE + PirosLife project has published the third edition of its newsletter. This publication reinforces the actions that have as an objective to present the project and the development of its main activities with a biannual periodicity. The PirosLife Project wants to share with the whole of society the most interesting aspects in relation [...]

The beginning of spring awakens the bears of hibernation

2018-07-09T17:36:27+02:0016 April 2018|

The Piroslife project monitoring team has captured the first images that confirms the end of the most passive stage of this species The last ones to leave the cave are the females with new puppies, that are born during the month of January At the end of autumn bears accumulate reserves to face the lack [...]

Six new puppies brown bear are born in the Catalan Pyrenees 2017

2018-07-09T17:36:28+02:0016 April 2018|

There are now 43 copies distributed in an area of 4,900 km2 between Catalonia, Aragon, Navarra and France The bear population in the Pyrenees in 2017 has reached the 43 copies identified between Catalonia, Aragon, Navarra and France. The thickness of the population (41) is located in the central zone, which includes an area of [...]

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