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Inspectors of the European Union visit PirosLife Program actions to consolidate the bears in the central Pyrenees

2016-03-23T19:00:49+02:0023 March 2016|

They have visit livestock farms of the territory, tourism businesses and local councils of Pallars Sobirà and Vall d'Aran. The PirosLife Project aims to improve the conservation status of an emblematic species creating a climate of knowledge, participation and coexistence. Inspectors of the European Union (EU) have been from Wednesday to Friday in Catalonia to [...]

Meeting with representatives of Pallars to share activities of Piroslife Project

2018-07-09T17:36:47+02:002 March 2016|

The Government and local authorities set up a permanent committee that will follow up information actions about the consolidation project of brown bear in the Pyrenees. The General Manager of Environmental Policies, Ferran Miralles, and his team met today at the headquarters of the Natural Park of the High Pyrenees in Llavorsí with representatives of [...]

Pyrenees bears delay hibernation by high temperatures

2018-07-09T17:36:48+02:0015 February 2016|

The relatively high temperatures of late autumn and early winter are altering the timing hibernation of some bears in the Pyrenees. The technicians of the monitoring program of this species and the Project PirosLife estimated that all specimens of this species were from mid-December in its hibernation caves but the films collected on days 8, [...]

Dogs for the protection of herds

2017-02-19T19:07:35+02:0015 January 2016|

The Department of Territory and Sustainability, in collaboration with Acciónatura Foundation, with funding from the Foundation Ensemble, has given two dog puppies for the protection of herds (GPR) to farmers in the Natural Park of High Pyrenees. These puppies are part of PirosLife Program for the conservation of the brown bear population in the central [...]

Esmolet and Boet, the names chosen for two puppies born in the Pyrenees

2018-07-09T17:36:49+02:0024 December 2015|

Esmolet and Boet are the names have been chosen for two cubs born in the Pyrenees in 2014 in the campaign organized by the Casa de L'Os Bru dels Pirineus from Isil, the interpretation centre linked to the Natural Park of High Pyrenees, who, a few weeks ago, asked votes in social networks to baptize them. The [...]

The bears of the Pyrenees begin hibernation

2018-07-09T17:36:49+02:0023 December 2015|

The bears of the Pyrenees begin the winter inside hibernation caves, using their forces accumulated during the autumn months. The vegetation of the Aran Valley and the Pallars has facilitated good nutrition for all family members (especially for the harvest of acorn’s oak) and now they may rest for a few months using accumulated fat. [...]

Bear routes will be promoted to boost tourism in the Alt Pirineu Natural Park

2016-12-27T10:00:24+02:0016 December 2015|

The Alt Pirineu Natural Park has presented to technicians of natural areas and the tourist sector, new tools and resources to boost the tourism in its area of influence. Highlights include those related to the routes of the bear, family activities, new hiking and BBT routes and the new digital resources. The bear routes is [...]

Popular campaign to name two bear cubs in the Pyrenees

2018-07-09T17:36:51+02:0012 December 2015|

The population of bears in the Pyrenees is now close to 50 individuals and is sometimes difficult to identify each animal, even for technicians who perform the monitoring and study of this protected species. In a new initiative of citizen outreach and awareness in favour of this iconic species, the Casa de L'Os Bru dels [...]

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