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The Generalitat delimits the area with a permanent presence of brown bear where the prevention effort will be concentrated

2018-07-09T17:36:26+02:009 May 2018|

The demarcation of the area with a permanent presence of brown bear will be adjusted each year based on the monitoring program of this species, so if the bear population is expanding, the damage prevention device also will be expanded Compensations for damages caused by bear on livestock will be maintained both inside and outside [...]

Third issue of the News Bulletin on PirosLife Project

2018-04-18T18:00:45+02:0018 April 2018|

The LIFE + PirosLife project has published the third edition of its newsletter. This publication reinforces the actions that have as an objective to present the project and the development of its main activities with a biannual periodicity. The PirosLife Project wants to share with the whole of society the most interesting aspects in relation [...]

The beginning of spring awakens the bears of hibernation

2018-07-09T17:36:27+02:0016 April 2018|

The Piroslife project monitoring team has captured the first images that confirms the end of the most passive stage of this species The last ones to leave the cave are the females with new puppies, that are born during the month of January At the end of autumn bears accumulate reserves to face the lack [...]

Six new puppies brown bear are born in the Catalan Pyrenees 2017

2018-07-09T17:36:28+02:0016 April 2018|

There are now 43 copies distributed in an area of 4,900 km2 between Catalonia, Aragon, Navarra and France The bear population in the Pyrenees in 2017 has reached the 43 copies identified between Catalonia, Aragon, Navarra and France. The thickness of the population (41) is located in the central zone, which includes an area of [...]

Informative day: Commemoration of the 25 years of the LIFE program

2017-12-27T14:57:01+02:0027 December 2017|

The LIFE program was created in 1992 as an instrument of the European Union (EU) to finance environmental conservation projects, as well as the development of EU environmental policy and legislation.   The PirosLife project announces this informative day in commemoration of these 25 years of the Life program with the aim of making known [...]

Technical conference: Management of flock protection dogs

2018-07-09T17:36:29+02:0019 December 2017|

The protection dogs of the flocks (Mastiffs) are an ancestral tool that the farmers have been selected to protect the flocks against attacks of wild fauna like wolves, foxes, bears and other predators. Currently it is a good tool to also avoid attacks by feral dogs. This conference aims to offer an overview of the [...]

The PirosLife website expands content

2018-07-09T17:36:29+02:0019 December 2017|

The PirosLife Project continues to actively work in the dissemination of information and activities aimed at consolidating the future of the brown bear in the Pyrenees in a framework of dialogue and collaboration with the people, entities and institutions that make possible the development of this mountain territory. With this objective, this autumn new contents [...]

New aerial images of the Bear Goiat in the Pyrenees

2018-07-09T17:36:30+02:0019 October 2017|

The Piroslife project tracking team has captured new video images of the bear video in the Val d'Aran Technicians from the tracking team of the Piroslife project have recorded aerial images of the Goiat bear in the Pyrenees of the Val d'Aran. The animal, which was released in June 2016 within the framework of this [...]

A Catalan delegation visits the National Park of Abruzzos, Lacio and Molise to share experiences on the management of the brown bear

2018-07-09T17:36:31+02:0017 October 2017|

Technicians, mayors, ranchers and tourist agents (total 10 people), under the Piroslife Project, have visited this region for three days. A Catalan delegation formed by 10 people, 2 technicians from the Piroslife project, the director of the Alt Pirineu Natural Park and 7 people linked to the territory with presence of bear (mayors, ranchers and [...]

Second issue of the Bulletin of the PirosLife Project

2017-09-18T16:48:27+02:0018 September 2017|

The Project LIFE + PirosLife has published the second edition of its newsletter. This publication reinforces actions aimed to publicize the project and the development of its core activities, every six months. The project PirosLife wants to share with the whole of society most interesting aspects regarding the brown bear population that inhabits in the [...]

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