Often, the conservation of large carnivore species in humanized environment, depends largely on understanding how different social, psychological and economic factors interact in a territory. Many conflicts between man and these species arise from different perceptions and values in different sectors of society, related to the fact that these species can threaten livestock and the rural economy, the use of space or even the people themselves.

It is due to this fact, that tolerance towards these species is the key factor for harmonious coexistence and that it will allow them to sustain their populations or implement recovery measures.

The coexistence with the bear is not free of conflicts, real or perceived, related to the use of the territory and the presence of the bear, and they have to be reduced as much as possible. For this reason, the administration works closely with the different agents involved to make real long-term coexistence a reality. The Generalitat works to reduce the level of conflict related to the bear from two ways: implementation of prevention measures and application of a compensation protocol for damages produced.