A large part of the distribution areas of bears also coincides with national hunting reserves, private hunting areas and controlled hunting areas. For this reason, extreme caution must be taken to avoid accidents, or inconveniences or harm to the species. Working on the compatibility of the management of the brown bear with the preservation of the hunting activity is also necessary.

The wild boar is the species that may cause more interference problems with the bear. They compete for food, so the high densities of wild boar may be harmful for the brown bear. In this sense, hunting for wild bar is beneficial towards the preservation of the bear, but special measures must be taken to prevent accidents and avoid disturbing them.

On this account, cooperation workshops are carried out with hunters, and we are working on the creation of a manual of good practices along with the hunting community of the territory. This manual will serve as a guide on how to practice the hunting activity in the areas of critical preservation areas of the bear.


Cooperation days with hunters for the creation of a Manual of Good Practices hunting. These days were held during the month of October 2016, and work sessions were held with the group of hunters and the Body of Rural Agents to inform the societies of hunters, hunting federations and other groups involved about the coexistence of the bear and hunting activity, and work on a series of proposals that serve as the basis to prepare the manual of good practices of hunting activity in areas subject to special regime and with the presence of brown bear.