The bear is a source of revaluation of the local economy through ecotourism, understood as the sustainable tourism variant that includes aspects such as the responsible use of natural resources, the consideration of the environmental impact of activities, the protection of the territory and the integrity natural, the local economic repercussions or the quality of the reception.

From the PirosLife project, favouring this ecotourism has been understood as a priority objective, from a variant with more potential for new development, which is solidarity ecotourism, in which the visitor is more directly involved with the conservation and management of the species.

With this objective, and to provide the territory with resources to exploit this ecotourism, a series of resources have been created that contemplate diverse actions grouped in two lines:

  • Training for tourism agents and local guides of the territory, with the aim of taking advantage of the already established social fabric of different institutions and companies, to introduce the bear and cohabitation with tourist activities.


  • Creation of ecotourism products. The activities related to the bear are an excellent opportunity to enrich the portfolio of products offered by companies in the territory, as well as attract new segments of visitors. The main objectives of these actions are:


Have an offline and online catalogue that gives visibility to the ecotourism offer of the territory as well as the unique products from the area.

Design a promotion and communication strategy that identifies potential markets and the main communication channels.

Provide tourism reference entities with innovative and unique products that attract the interest of tour operators, media and final consumers.

Behavioral in bear zone

Tourism Consortium of the Valleys of Àneu