Education at schools

Education of children is a fundamental basis to raise awareness and provide training regarding sustainability and the environment. In this sense, apart from teacher training, we are also developing educational material for pre-school and primary schools, comprised of activities and games, organised by stages.

To a large extent, this project develops the contents of the natural and social environment subject in primary education through an environmental approach of the Pyrenees and all its inhabitants. The brown bear of the Pyrenees joins the children in their journey, so they can understand the bear’s relationship with the environment through the development of their critical spirit and environmental awareness. At the same time, the children become the educators of their parents, in this sense.

This proposal, established in the valleys of the Pyrenees, is structured in four large areas destined to teaching and learning of a series of concepts, processes and values, to promote the transition to a society that is more aware of the natural and social richness of the Pyrenees: the brown bear, the Pyrenean habitat, shared spaces, culture and heritage.

These resources are available for free to all schools through the PirosLife site for schools.