Environmental education and outreach are essential to favour a change of attitude and enable social support for the preservation of the bear.

For this purpose, a series of outreach materials have been created (electronic bulletin, leaflets, comics, posters, among others). Sessions and talks on the project and the brown bear have also been scheduled around Catalonia.

In addition, notice boards have been installed in strategic spots with tourism influence, specifically at the Aran Park (Portillon), Fornet-Isil and Tavascan.

These notice boards intend to let the visitor know that the area where they are is frequented by bears, and that a European project, the PirosLife project, is underway to work on the conservation of bear population.

They also provide information on the biology and habitat of brown bears, what they eat and their activity in each season of the year. Finally, it explains the importance of the farming activity in the Pyrenees and the preventive actions that are being carried out to achieve the cohabitation of farming, beekeeping and the brown bear.

You will find some outreach materials in this link.

Notice board located at Fornet

Notice board located at Fornet (Isil).

Xerrada al Delta Birding Festival

Talk at the Delta Birding Festival (Delta de l’Ebre).