Volunteering implies that people freely choose to dedicate part of their time to a charitable and altruist action. It is an ethical, personal, free option, and for it to have good results, it must be a collective action.

The PirosLife Programme promotes the creation of network of volunteers under the project infrastructure with a direct objective: To gather the collective efforts to help in the preservation of the brown bear in the Pyrenees.

Four different volunteering programmes will be carried out:

  • Monitoring and data collection programme about the brown bear.
  • Programme for the support of farming.
  • Programme for the improvement of the species’ habitat.
  • Information and awareness program for citizens.

The La Paniquella Association is the coordinating entity of the Volunteer Plan, which assumes the commitment to ensure a good selection, reception, training and follow-up of the volunteers and facilitate the successful development of the tasks. In order to guarantee the commitments between the volunteers and the Association, a letter of commitment will be signed with the rights and duties of each part when initiating the voluntary period.

If you are interested in participating or want to expand the information about a specific program, contact lapaniquella@gmail.com