Esmolet and Boet are the names have been chosen for two cubs born in the Pyrenees in 2014 in the campaign organized by the Casa de L’Os Bru dels Pirineus from Isil, the interpretation centre linked to the Natural Park of High Pyrenees, who, a few weeks ago, asked votes in social networks to baptize them.

The campaign to name the children of the female Caramelles and the male Pyros has received 1,273 online votes, 639 words typical of the regions of Pallars and 634 place name of the area of bears, as released the Casa de L’Os Bru dels Pirineus.

Esmolet, a word that in Pallarés means personality and outlandish, and Boet place name, with 42.4% and 41.1% of votes of the 639 and 634 issued, respectively, were the names chosen.

The winners of the contest (126 voters of Esmolet and 122 of Boet) have a free admission to visit the interpretation centre and two of them have won two familiar routes through the park accompanied by patrols that usually follow the brown bear in Catalunya.

Among the words that have more votes, second have been Torb, meaning wind swirling with snow and place name Virós. A more distance has been other proposals such as the Pallars words Borruscall (light snow), Pigal (rounded stone) and Fifonet (someone who seems to work a lot and does nothing), in addition to place names Aulà and Noarre. The Casa de L’Os Bru dels Pirineus also plans to organize a competition for puppies born in 2015, but this time only participate students from schools in the territory.

This campaign is part of Piros Life Project initiated in 2014 that aims to contribute to the preservation and dissemination of brown bears in the Pyrenees. Is coordinated by the Generalitat and also involved the Conselh Generau d’Aran, Forestal Catalana, the University of Lleida (UdL) and the Brown Bear Foundation.