• This project has been promoted by the project Piroslife that devotes the almost half of its budget to the compatibility of the livestock and the brown bear
  • The hut will improve the management of the grouping of sheep of the Vall d’Àneu, an area with continued presence of plantigrade

The Natural Park of High Pyrenees has a new shepherd’s hut on the mountain Bonabé (Pallars Sobirà). This infrastructure will provide more comfort to the shepherd hired by Project Piroslife, who carries out surveillance of around 1,000 sheep of different farmers from Isil Valley which graze during the summer in an area with continued presence of brown bear.

This hut allows better manage the grasslands where the sheep stay in the summer, reducing journeys made daily livestock. The Salau shepherd’s hut was designed by the architect Josep Bunyesc and built by the company Sebastian Wood, with energy efficiency criteria. Thanks to its location and its constructive typology, is highly integrated into the environment.

The hut has been promoted by the Department of Territory and Sustainability, in Piroslife Project, which co-finances the European Union. The other project partners are Forestal Catalana, Aran General Council, University of Lleida and Oso Pardo Foundation.