The two pups, most likely, are daughters of Boavi, a female who has already had two cubs in 2014

The monitoring of this species is through Piroslife Program

The monitoring team the brown bear in the Pyrenees has obtained images of a female bear and her two cubs walking through the Natural Park of High Pyrenees, in the municipality of Lladorre (Pallars Sobirà). Most probably it is Boavi and her two sons, born this 2016.

This female born in 2010 is the daughter of Pyros and Caramellita. Already she raised in 2014 another couple of puppies that could be photographed only once.

The snapshots represent the first data reproduction of the population of brown bears in the central Pyrenees this year and were obtained through a camera on 9th May.

During these days, technicians were also able to record images of a young male bear in the park area, still unidentified. The video, captured through automated systems, corresponds to last May 24.

The monitoring of this species is through Piroslife program for the consolidation of the bear population in this area.