Vielha, 2nd May 2017.- Today there has been in the Val d’Aran an attack of the bear Goiat to a foal near of the core of Vilamòs, in the municipality with the same name.

The attack, which has occurred tonight at 00h00, has caused the death of a foal with two days of life and is unique in being the first bear attack confirmed to a head of cattle equine. A neighbouring farmer of the area has communicated the death of the colt and the authorship has been shown thanks to GPS tracking that is carried out of that male liberated almost a year ago. The GPS has established the presence of Goiat exactly at the point where the attack has occurred.

Due to the type of movements being done by Goiat, suspected may he was accompanied by a female bear, considering that this is the mating season for this species.

The localizations of recent weeks show large displacements Goiat towards France and towards the Pallars Sobirà, these shifts may be justified by the pursuit of females in heat.

This attack on the village of Vilamòs relocates again Goiat at Central Valleys of Aran where their movements are stabilized in recent days.