• The previous cottage had an accidental fire last weekend
  • It is part of the Piroslife Program for consolidation of the brown bear population in the central Pyrenees, which promotes compatible farming and the presence of the brown bear

Natural Park of High Pyrenees has coordinated the installation of a new refuge for Estanilles pastor at Boldís Mountain, in Lladorre (Pallars Sobirà). Previous cottage suffered a fire last Saturday. The action has been possible thanks to the collaboration of the Unit Air of the Rural Agents Corps, which has made moving a portable hut from another grazing place last Wednesday with a helicopter. The restitution has been made in record time, considering the approaching of colder weather in the high mountains. The shepherd may use this refuge until mid-October when ends the grouping of flocks sheep, then will be removed. Next year is expected to make a new cottage.

The fire of the shelter occurred on Saturday evening for allegedly poor insulation of the pipe of the stove in contact with the wall of the cottage. Fortunately, both the shepherd and his dog were not hurt, except for a small intoxication from smoke inhalation. Of construction, however, was not anything.

Vigilant of 1,000 cattle heads

The ill-fated cottage had promoted by the organization Acciónatura the summer of last year under the LIFE + Piroslife program, for consolidation of the brown bear population in the central Pyrenees, wich promotes compatible farming and the presence of brown bear. It is the refuge of the shepherd contracted with funding from Piroslife, which manages the Generalitat and co-financed by the European Union.

During the summer, this employee performs the monitoring of about 1,000 heads of sheep from different farmers from Cardós Valley, in a grazing area with continued presence of brown bear.The construction also allows better management of the pastures where the sheep remain in this season, reducing daily commuting livestock and shelters farmers from villages of Boldís, Jussà and Sovereign (Lladorre) when moving bovine animals and Equine.