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The hunting in territories with presence of bear. Catalan and Aranese versions.

The manual contains an introduction detailing the biology of the species, its distribution and the status of population in Catalonia, an explanation of hunting in the territory with the presence of bear and the different types of hunting, as well as a series of behavioural guidelines that must be followed in order to minimize the risks that may occur during hunting activity due to a hypothetical interaction with the brown bear.

The recovery of large carnivores

The perception of large carnivores by society has changed radically in recent decades. In the event that they were considered bad beasts that were a pest to livestock and a threat to humans, the great carnivores have become symbols of nature admired and respected by most of society. Consequently, we have passed from an age of persecution to one of conservation and restoration. Currently all species of large carnivores are strictly protected by European regulations (Annexes II and IV of the Habitats Directive), except for the wolf to the north of the Duero (Annex V to the Directive), which may be subject to management measures as long as the population is maintained in a favourable state of conservation.

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