The Government and local authorities set up a permanent committee that will follow up information actions about the consolidation project of brown bear in the Pyrenees.

The General Manager of Environmental Policies, Ferran Miralles, and his team met today at the headquarters of the Natural Park of the High Pyrenees in Llavorsí with representatives of different administrations of Pallars. The meeting has served to inform them of the situation and evolution of the consolidation project of the brown bear in the Pyrenees, Piroslife, and the communication, training and information activities to be carried out. The participants agreed to establish a permanent commission and to create a protocol so that the territory is always informed of all actions that will be carried out.

The Department of Territory and Sustainability has proposed different actions of education, communication and training for the different agents linked in the project. Highlight the forthcoming creation of a newsletter on progress and curiosities as they occur. Most information will be found on the web, while other tools will be complementary and will serve to give more voice to the actors involved.

Regarding social networks, it will work through @PirosLife twitter account, Facebook page and blog that will invite interested parties to express their opinions, offering them a dialogue. At the same time, will edited information materials intended for different audiences.

Education and training

Under the project, take relief workshops and training activities for farmers, beekeepers and hunters, understanding the promotion of the bear as a revitalizing element for rural areas. Theoretical and practical courses are already scheduled for active professionals and students of the Agricultural and Training Schools and the Shepherds School of Catalonia. It has also proposed a symposium to exchange experiences in systems to prevent damages.

With the aim of promoting ecotourism linked to the project, will be organized several courses for tourist operators and local guides on the status of the bear in the Pyrenees to join it in the promotion of the area. It also will be prepared three guided tours about the plantigrade: in the Alt Àneu, the Cardós Valley and the Ferrera Valley.

In the educational sphere, shall be made training courses for teachers and learning materials being developed in collaboration with the education community, which will be available to the schools in the area. For locals will be organized seminars and conferences. Also be scheduled for visitors of Isil, Lladorre, Bóssost and other localities linked to the bear. Closing the project a series of seminars will bring together the scientific and technical community experts to analyze and discuss the results.

A new quality brand

The project plans to set up a network of volunteers, mainly local, to cooperate in the conservation of the brown bear. Will develop a volunteer program and perform actions for the promotion and enhancement of its work.

The meeting has considered the opportunity to create a quality brand related to the brown bear. The brand is nourished by the attraction that the animal represents for much of the population, especially foreign, and would serve to identify products coming from in the territory where the bear is.