The Natural Group from the College of Environmentalists of Catalonia (COAMB), in collaboration with PirosLife Project, has organized a technical excursion on 27 May with the aim to know the details, results and challenges of PirosLife Project. At he same time, they will visit the brown bear reintroduction area in the Pyrenees. Santi Palazón, technical director of the PirosLife Project, will guide the tour.

The COAMB reminds people interested in this technical visit that “the PirosLife Project, framed in Life-Nature programs, aims to implement actions to consolidate the future of the brown bear in the Pyrenees in a favourable environment, including known and consolidate genetically population, designing network of connectivity areas for brown bear and improve them, to prove that the risk of ‘zero’ attacks to livestock and beekeeping is possible, or generate a climate of acceptance and coexistence”.

More information is available on the website of COAMB: