The brown bear, a very shy species

The brown bear is the largest carnivore in Europe. This is a species that generates respect among human. Bears are generally very shy and it is difficult to run into any, even in areas where they are abundant. Detect humans at a great distance thanks to their privileged smell and hearing and see them as a threat, so they flee before being detected to avoid confrontations. However, encounters may occur.

The bear runs away to avoid confrontations

Contrary to popular belief, the brown bear is not aggressive. Usually is afraid of human beings and prevents its presence even before the fortuitous and unlikely encounter.

What should we know?

After many centuries of coexistence with man, the bear has learned to avoid contact with people and not see them as possible prey.

Avoid risky situations

Bears only attack when threatened or surprised. For this reason, when we walk through bear territory it is important to notice us talking loudly, walking calmly and being vigilant around us, without leaving the marked footpaths. If we go with dog it is important that goes strapped or controlled by our side.

And what we do if we find a bear?

Although the probability of encountering a bear is very low, it is good to know the best behaviour patterns:

  • If he has not detected us, it is best to retire slowly without running and alerting him.
  • We must never hamper their way or their possible escape routes.
  • If you have spotted we must remain calm, speak softly and slowly away showing that we are not a danger to him. We must never scream or threaten.
  • If it is a female with pups we should never put ourselves between the mother and her babies.
  • If we see the bear at a safe distance, we enjoy the observation and not try in any case get closer to take pictures or get a better look. You always have to keep a distance.
  • Staying calm is the most important.