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The project

The Project Catalunya PirosLIFE it fits in the Life-Nature programs. Your objective is to contribute to the implementation of the EU directive on the conservation of nature to maintain and improve the natural habitats and species of animals and plants of community interest within designated areas of the Nature 2000 network.

The LIFE Program is the only financial instrument of European Union dedicated exclusively to the environment. Its overall objective is to contribute to the development, implementation and updating of Community legislation on environmental integrating the internal environmental policies of member states.

The Nature 2000 Network includes a set of natural areas that are designed to curb the loss of biological diversity and to combat the deterioration of the natural resources of the European territory. The Spanish network was founded in Spain in November 2006.

It is a European ecological network of areas of biodiversity conservation. The continues degradation of natural habitats and threats to certain species constitute a paramount concern of the environmental policy of European Union and therefore Directive 92/43 / EEC on the conservation of natural habitats of wild fauna and flora (Directive habitats) of 21 May 1992 aims to contribute to the maintenance of biodiversity in the Member States, defining a common framework for the conservation of habitats and fauna and flora of Community interest. For this reason was created Nature 2000 ecological network the largest in the world, including Special Areas of Conservation designated by Member States and the special protection areas established under the Birds Directive 2009/147 / EC. For this reason was created Nature 2000, the largest ecological network in the world, including special areas of conservation designated by Member States and the special protection areas established under the Birds Directive 2009/147 / EC.

Annexes I and II of the Directive collect the types of habitats and species whose conservation requires the designation of special areas of conservation. Annex IV defines the types of priority habitats or species (endangered) and require strict protection.

Spain is the European country which most area includes in Nature 2000 network, due to its great biodiversity of habitats and species. Catalonia, with 123 spaces and a total area of 9772.24 km2, represents 30% of the territory.

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