The volunteering plan of the PirosLife project offers the possibility to volunteer and participate in three different programs:

Program 1: Monitoring and detection of the brown bear

  • Assignment 1. Making transects for the search of evidences and revision of traps
  • Assignment 2. Support in tree plantations (September to October).
  • Assignment 3. Support in the collection of seeds (end of August, September and October).
  • Assignment 4. Support in the seed bank (end of August, September and October).

Program 2: Prevention of damage to livestock

  • Assignment 1. Support in the search of sheep at the end of the season.
  • Assignment 2. Support in the tasks of regrouping and support for herdsmen.

Program 3: Information and sensitization to citizens

  • Assignment 1. Information and sensitization in access points to brown bear areas
  • Assignment 2. Support in informative tasks at fairs.

The association La Paniquella is the coordinating entity of the Volunteer Plan, which assumes the commitment to ensure a good selection, reception and monitoring of volunteers and facilitate the successful development of the tasks. In order to guarantee commitments between the volunteers and the Association, a letter of commitment will be signed with the rights and duties of each part when the voluntary period begins.

The PirosLife Project offers to each volunteer:

Accommodation at reduced prices during the volunteering period.

  • Technical support to carry out voluntary actions with all the guarantees.
  • Training workshops linked to the volunteer project.

If you are interested in participating or would like more information about a specific program, contact: