A delegation formed by staff from different Pyrenean administrations visited the two areas of Italy with presence of brown bear: Trentino and Abruzzos. Specifically, members agents, technical staff, members from Conselh Generau d’Aran, Generalitat de Catalunya (Forestal Catalana and Body of Rural Agents), the Body of Banders from Andorra Government have participated. The main objective of the exchange was to know firsthand, different ways of managing bears populations in similar areas to the Pyrenees; mountainous areas very habited in southern Europe.

The main lines of work were the management of conflictive bears (classification, application of aversive measures, chasing dogs, capture, extraction…), the damage prevention and other aspects about populations demographics and communication. Different points were visited and methods of trapping were learnt, grass areas with measures of flock’s protection, and even huts and small mountain constructions, fenced areas for conflicting bears, etc.