The population of bears in the Pyrenees is now close to 50 individuals and is sometimes difficult to identify each animal, even for technicians who perform the monitoring and study of this protected species.

In a new initiative of citizen outreach and awareness in favour of this iconic species, the Casa de L’Os Bru dels Pirineus in Isil, interpretation centre linked to the Natural Park of High Pyrenees, has launched a public campaign for naming two brown bear puppies born in the Pyrenees the winter 2014. The participation in this contest can be done very easily through the online form available at this address (click here).

The two bears to which are probably the children of female Caramelles and male Pyros (father of almost all bears currently inhabit the central and eastern part of the Pyrenees). People participating in this contest can choose from fifteen typical words or related to Pallars, to baptize the first puppy and fifteen place names also of the region as options to name the second puppy.

The organizers of this curious popular contest highlights that people who have chosen names that eventually are elected will have a free entrance to visit one day the Casa de L’Os Bru dels Pirineus and also entered to win an exclusive familiar route through the habitat of brown bear accompanied by patrols that usually follow the brown bear in Catalunya.

These puppies were born in 2014. For the other four puppies of brown bear born during 2015, it would also held a contest to name them, but in this case only among students of local schools.