The Natural Park of the High Pyrenees and the Wood and Furniture Association organized a work and learning camp to rebuild the new pastor hut of Estanilles in Boldis Mountain, at Lladorre (Pallars Sobirà). The previous refuge suffered a fire last September and it was necessary to place urgently a portable hat that was removed in autumn, when the grouping of sheep flock was finished.

A group of twenty volunteers will work in two shifts, from 10 to 23 July, raising the hut, designed by the architect specialized in sustainable buildings Josep Bunyesc, with local wood from the company Fustes Sebastia. The technical realization will be borne by the Norwegian expert in such buildings Mats Yri. The structure will be made on existing stone foundations, the interior and exterior coverings of the ventilated facade will be isolated, door and windows, solar panels and a basic electrical installation will be placed. All the material will arrive by helicopter to the field of work, about 2,300 meters of altitude.

The accident house had been promoted by the entity Acciónatura in the summer of 2015, a complementary action to the LIFE+Piroslife Program, for the consolidation of the brown bear populationcabana-2 in the central Pyrenees, and that promotes the compatible livestock with the presence of the animal. This new shepherd’s refuge is managed by the Generalitat and is co-financed by the European Union.

Shepherd of Estanilles watches over a thousand heads of sheep from different farmers of the Cardós Valley, who graze during the summer in an area with continuous presence of brown bear. The construction allows to manage better the pastures where the sheep remain in this season of the year, reducing the daily displacement of livestock, and gives shelter to the farmers of the towns of Boldís Jussà i Sobirà (Lladorre), when they make the handling of the cattle and Equine.